How Is Your Take-Out Program?

Takeout sales are projected to grow at three times the rate of on-premise dining and at seven times the rate of the rest of the total food industry, according to the National Restaurant Association. To compete for a strong share of the takeout market, businesses must understand how to adapt their current products and systems for successful takeout.

  • The entire process should be easy for customers, from ordering to pickup to reheating, serving, and storing.
  • Customers turn to businesses for takeout because they like the menu items, but not all dishes are transportable. Be selective in the ones you offer for takeout, or develop dishes with takeout in mind that retain heat, moisture, and texture and/or can be reheated.
  • Take into consideration the importance of food safety and extended shelf-life in finished form when developing takeout items.
  • Invest in packaging that ensures food travels well. Packaging should be adaptable to reheating and storage of food. Packaging is also a branding opportunity- be sure it looks good and reflects well on the business.
  • Informed personnel are essential. Make sure staff is up to speed, from those who take orders to those who package them.
  • Especially if you do delivery, gear up all the systems, including competent and courteous drivers/delivery people, and provide adequate insurance for them.
  • Create marketing that sells your entire business.
  • If Delivery & Takeout is 30% of your business, why do you only dedicate 10% of your total resources to it?

I can help you create a delivery|takeout program for your business, that is effective in generating increased sales and profits.

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Author: Jeffrey Summers
For four decades, my coaching, consulting, public speaking, workshops, management team retreats and articles have helped thousands of hospitality leaders worldwide, build successful businesses. The Summers Hospitality Group is a global full-service hospitality consulting firm best known for its unique results-driven, strengths-based system for developing extraordinary leaders and demonstrating the performance impact they have on their organizations.