“Coaching Is Essential To Maximizing Individual & Business Success”

~ Jeffrey Summers, Founder|Principal Summers Hospitality Group

The Purpose of Coaching

I offer a range of coaching and mentoring services designed to help owners, operators, managers and other business leaders who are dissatisfied with the status quo propel themselves and their organizations to the next level of success. Program participants are results-oriented individuals who seek to enhance their business and personal performance, effectiveness, and leadership skills. They are open to considering alternative approaches, and they agree to accept and consider constructive feedback and to change behaviors as necessary.

Coaching is a structured program designed to help and inspire business leaders accelerate their personal and professional growth through the application of practical, results-based engagements. Here are some sample coaching objectives:

  • Establishment of a clear vision for the organization
  • Increased strategic focus
  • Rapid achievement of organizational and personal goals
  • Increased ability to inspire others to achieve success
  • Greater personal and organizational productivity
  • More effective leadership due to improved influencing skills
  • Enhanced competencies such as decision-making and problem-solving
  • Personal and organizational accountability
  • More collaborative teamwork

My Coaching Programs Are Designed To Do Three (3) Things:

What good is a program if it doesn’t help/move/motivate/inspire you to get things done? This program will do that – IF you’re ready to make the commitment to working on your business and not merely in your business. Then I will Coach you to achieve your business goals!

I don’t think your goal is to spend a small fortune on books, tapes and manuals, then let them sit on your bookshelf collecting dust. So I don’t sell you a book of systems and forms. I Coach you on how to get things done in your business – how to execute on a daily basis in order to achieve the success you want. Plus, I give you (read free!) the operational systems as a part of your Coaching experience.

We create value two ways:

  • I personalize the Coaching experience for you, your staff and your business. This isn’t cookie cutter or lowest common denominator stuff, we take an honest and realistic look at you and your business – where both are at today. Then we work towards taking you to the next level by using real-world, proven, get-it-done systems and processes used by some of the most successful Hospitality businesses in the world. Big or small, new, old or anything in between – makes no difference.
  • We focus on innovating your business and your thinking – not solely on solving problems. We do this because solving problems does nothing but get you back to the same level of execution you were at before you encountered the problem. Innovation is what propels you forward.

A Coaching program can be powerful and not cost you a gazillion dollars. Everyone who wants to build the best business should be able to afford the help to do so.

We also think you should be able to know – up front – what the ROI will be. Our goal is always to achieve a 1,000% ROI for you and your business. We believe in this so much, we put in it our guarantee!

We will cover the multitude of areas that are huge opportunities waiting for you to take advantage of, all in a single Coaching package.

Why? Because you shouldn’t have to pay thousands of dollars to learn about a single segment of this business ( i.e. food cost, beverage cost, marketing, menus, etc…) then have to do it all over again when you encounter or want to grow into another segment (i.e. catering, 2nd stores, retail, etc… ).

Coaching Programs Designed Around Your Specific Needs

First, I’ll talk with you personally to determine whether we can meet your needs effectively. If so, we identify specific objectives and measures that will guide our work, then I will write a proposal with several options of how we can achieve the designated outcomes. For maximum effectiveness, the program is customized to your needs and lasts six months. Individual coaching may include any of the following methods of interaction:

  • Scheduled phone calls
  • Face-to-face meetings
  • Observation of your interactions with stakeholders
  • Interviews with individuals who interact with you on a regular basis to obtain feedback on your leadership abilities
  • Unlimited access to myself via e-mail and phone for quick questions and feedback
  • Feedback on your written communications

This option is for individuals who prefer to enhance their coaching experience by working with a small peer group. Each individual undergoes a pre-program interview to ensure he or she is a good fit for a given group.

In addition to identifying issues that the group chooses to address (e.g., accountability, interpersonal skills), each member chooses specific business and/or personal objectives for which he or she is held accountable.

Each group coaching program lasts between four and six months and may include a combination of in-person, telephone, and on-line meetings. It also includes limited or unlimited individual e-mail and phone access to Jeffrey, depending on how the program is structured. Please contact us for more information about our small group coaching programs.

On-demand coaching is designed to respond to quick questions and issues that do not warrant a full-scale coaching engagement. We offer immediate and longer-term options that include follow-up accessibility via e-mail and phone.

For development of your staff, you may want to consider our workshop offerings.

Mentoring services are available for those who prefer a less structured, more self-directed process to enhance their performance. Clients include small business owners, mid-level managers, entrepreneurs, and retirees who wish to start their own businesses. Here are some sample mentoring objectives:

  • Identification of a value proposition for a new business
  • Development of an effective marketing plan
  • Increased revenue
  • Enhanced leadership or other skills
  • More effectively prioritize tasks or goals

Participants in the mentor program have access to Jeffrey’s expert advice and feedback on an as-needed, unlimited basis by phone or e-mail during a six-month period. Members are responsible for contacting Jeffrey for guidance and discussion. We return calls the same day within regular business hours (usually 90 minutes) and respond to e-mail messages the same.

What I Do To Help You Build A Better Business

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I help operators become more successful by identifying where and how to build the most value. I assist them in growing store networks, localizing assortments, building omnichannel capabilities, launching new formats or improving cost positions, to name just a few.

I combine deep operational expertise with experience in all major categories and functional areas. I bring an external, practical perspective to business challenges and opportunities using proven tools and rigorous, fact-based analysis. I collaborate with clients to create the desired outcomes.

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