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Some restaurants adding ‘inflation fees’ to bills amid rising food costs. Dumb move!

How do you make a small fortune in the restaurant business? Start with a large one.

TOH: Delusional Process Management Syndrome

“Many of the managers I come into contact with suffer from what I call: Delusional Process Management Syndrome”

13 Statistics About Restaurant Technology

Guests now expect (demand) that businesses cater to their appetite for technology. Here are some statistics that will help you understand what restaurant guests say they want from their dining experience.

Is Restaurant Marketing Broken?

A colleague asked this question in one of our forums recently and it has been haunting me ever since. So…

Six Traits of Really Successful Restaurant & Hotel Marketing Leaders

Successful strategic leaders — the kind who thrive in today’s uncertain environment – do these six things well.

My Interview With

Lots of questions & answers about restaurant marketing.

The Problem with ‘Not A Problem’

I suspect that more than once you’ve also received the same “not a problem” send off.

Restaurant Marketing: What Does An Empty Chair Really Cost?

I’ve always talked about the costliest item in a restaurant being an empty chair. Now we take a little peek into what it actually costs you.