"The growth of your business is directly related to your own personal growth."

~ Jeffrey Summers, Founder|Principal Summers Hospitality Group

Social Business

In a massively interconnected world, hospitality businesses are prioritizing guest intimacy as never before. Dramatic increases in the availability and sharing of information, has exponentially expanded guests’ options. Organizations are realizing more and more that ongoing engagement and co-creation with guests produce sustainable differentiation and profitable growth. Moreover, the information explosion has resulted in an unprecedented opportunity to develop deeper guest insights.

The right marketing and guest strategy can help an organization turn guests into advocates, infuse guest interactions across each channel with positive impressions of the company, and help engender a feeling of loyalty across the guest base. The SHG® guest experience and market strategy consulting services can help your organization achieve its goals. Assess, analyze, and build strategies to address markets, marketing, sales, service and online interactions.

Business Challenges

Business leaders are addressing many challenges and opportunities in today’s growing digital and dynamic world, including:

  • Understanding guest needs, expectations and behaviors at the point of experience.
  • Driving guest advocacy, profitability and retention across segments, profiles, geographies, demographics and other dimensions.
  • Maximizing revenues through guest-centric activities, channels, and products and services
  • Capitalizing on digital channels, coordinating and integrating multi-channel environments, and optimizing interaction channels for experience, service and cost effectiveness
  • Developing strategies to conquer and optimize digital brand issues

The SHG® consulting offerings include the following integral components:

  • Guest Centric Strategy: Strategies to help you focus on the guest experience, care and recovery.
  • Channel Transformation: Strategies and approaches to help implement experience and care activities across any and all applicable channels
  • Social Media: Strategies and approaches to create meaningfully differentiated social guest experiences and drive deeper guest loyalty.
  • Digital Brand & Presence: Strategies and approaches to best leverage and manage your brand in a digital, web-based world
  • Social Sales & Marketing: Consulting services to help you understand how to improve revenue and manage the sales and marketing organization through more intelligent, instrumented and interconnected marketing and communications activities.

We can help you develop a customized social business strategy that will:

  • Engage, develop and grow relationships with your current and potential guests which will lead to increased market share, customer loyalty and increased revenues
  • Navigate social platforms: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.
  • Create brand and property awareness
  • Allow for best service recovery and guest retention, and
  • Help your attraction, hiring and retention efforts

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