"The growth of your business is directly related to your own personal growth."

~ Jeffrey Summers, Founder|Principal Summers Hospitality Group

Start Developing A ‘No Excuses’ Mentality To Create Success

So you’re not growing sales and profits enough to make an investment in your business which would grow sales and profits?

It’s a better than fifty percent chance that you’ll tell me that you can’t afford me, which is part of the doom loop you’re in (can’t afford help because of poor results, can’t improve results because of no help). So when will you be ready and how will you get there?

You’ve also never achieved a higher degree of success before either. So without help, how do you plan on achieving something you’ve never done before?

Is what you’re doing now working like you want it to? Does doing more of the same thing and expecting a different result sound familiar to you?

So something didn’t work, who cares? An alternative was not as effective as planned, or even outright failed. The objective is still there, Find another way. If defeat disables you, you’re not going to live a very fulfilling life.

Why on earth would you delay the benefits this project can bring for six more months? Nothing in your business is mutually-exclusive.

Me too! And accountants and doctors and managers and staff…but I still need to get my taxes done, my health issues resolved and work done in my business. I don’t have the first hire I ever made still working with me. (I actually helped her to leave and start her own successful restaurant.)

But I won’t even take on your project until I’m convinced it’s what you should do or will even work given the resources available. We’ll hash that out beforehand

Compared to what? Failure?

Our fees are based on the contribution we make to the dramatic results you will achieve. Who expects to create a million-dollar business without an investment?

Also, our ROI target is 1,000%. So let’s say you invest $7,500 in a Coaching program with real metrics for results. Our target (agreed upon before we begin) would be a return of $75,000. If someone, offered me $75,000 in return for writing them a check for $7,500, I’d be writing them checks all day long. Where else can you possibly get that kind of return? And who else but me offers it to you?

Growth isn’t a priority? What system do you use? If everything is a priority, nothing is a priority.

I don’t care about 100%. This is about success not perfection. You’ll find that Pareto was right in that 80% of your results will come from 20% of your efforts. Isn’t 80% better than 0%?

Most clients CAN do what’s proposed. That’s not the issue.

The issue is: Should they do it themselves?

The answer is usually “no” because:

  1. The project will take people away from their usual responsibilities
  2. People are generally assigned who are not critical and therefore not top performers
  3. There is political, cultural, and “turf” bias
  4. No one is likely to tell leadership that they share responsibility
  5. They don’t possess the necessary skill set or experience or information, etc…
  6. It will be more expensive and take far longer

I could go on. But you get the point. It’s not that a client CAN’T do what we propose, it’s that they’d be crazy to do so.

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