"The menu is the second most important document in your restaurant business."

~ Jeffrey Summers, Founder|Principal Summers Hospitality Group


  • Practical and cutting-edge information and discussions of current & future menu trends and best practices.
  • The best Recipe Costing and Menu Engineering Software for you & your team to use in managing your menu, inventory and costs.
  • Identifying and outlining marketing opportunities.
  • Four, monthly, follow-up teleconferences to support your change efforts.
  • Working and engaging with some of the most successful business and hotel F&B operators.


  • Realize and understand the factors involved in strategically designing a menu that helps you grow your profits and manage costs.
  • Outline what a successful menu strategy looks like for you and your business.
  • Understand the resources necessary to achieve effective menu management.
  • Completely cost out your existing or future menu.
  • Create and analyze your sales mix data dashboard.

Unique Benefits

  • Evolve your thinking and understanding of what a successful menu marketing process does.
  • Understand and leverage the tools of menu engineering and food cost analysis.
  • Recalibrate your guest experience to become more value driven for the guest and more profitable for your business.
  • Recalibrate the work experience for both staff and management in order to achieve higher levels of performance & profits, combined with significant savings in the cost of doing business.
  • Create new and innovative ways of marketing your menu to create top & bottom line growth.
  • Decrease reliance on price considerations and move to a value-added model.
  • Learn from those who have actually done what you need to do.
  • Introductions to thought leaders in your industry.
  • Create new contacts while building your new community.


  • Gathering and collating all the necessary invoices, sales mixes and recipes & sub-recipes so you can begin to input them into your new menu engineering software.
  • Operational questionnaire to be returned to me
  • Specific self-analysis to maximize participation (e.g. identification of goals & objectives, brand strength indicators, food cost audit, etc…)


  • This workshop will be limited to the first 25 registrations – this includes individuals and group attendees.
  • There are no refunds unless we cancel the session, but if you must cancel, you may use your payment as a full credit against any future workshop of any kind without penalty and without time limit.
  • Your tickets are transferable but the transferee must contact us to register prior to attending.

Workshop Summary: A 2-day workshop (and we do mean work!) that will give you a menu that is completely costed-out and the engineering analysis that will allow you to make quicker and more effective decisions about;

  • Pricing
  • Placement
  • Additions & deletions
  • Ingredient analysis
  • Inventory Management
  • Cost control
  • Marketing
  • Load analysis
  • Vendor sourcing and relations
  • and much much more

This workshop will be an intensive 2-3 days of intellectually rewarding work that includes both strategic and tactical challenges to best prepare yourself and your business to face your ever increasing costs and marketing challenges associated with your menu and inventory management.

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I combine deep operational expertise with experience in all major categories and functional areas. I bring an external, practical perspective to business challenges and opportunities using proven tools and rigorous, fact-based analysis. I collaborate with clients to create the desired outcomes.

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