Four Decades of Successful Experience

Wanting my service to create a deeper impact, I spent the last two decades Coaching and consulting with successful concepts that include national and international chains, franchises and independent operators in 48 states and six continents (I won’t work in Antarctica!). I grew into an award-winning business Coach, consultant, speaker and writer offering successful, real-world experience in every facet of the food service & hospitality business.

In 41 years of service I have successfully hired, trained and coached:148 independent restaurant owners, 158 multi-unit managers (including district managers, area VPs and Regional VPs), 2,477 unit managers & 16,883 hourly employees. I’ve opened 34 new restaurant businesses. If that’s not enough, there’s tons more below.
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Why Operators Call Me

Expertise On Demand

I don’t think you should ever seek help from someone who has never successfully done what it is that you want to do. There is simply no substitute for successful experience. I’m not a theorist. I am a successfully experienced operator. When you face a challenge, you want someone who has been there before, found a solution and achieved successful outcomes. Utilizing my four decades of successful experience allows you to get the exact fit you need to solve a problem or take advantage of any given opportunity.

Free Consultation

If you’re unsure about what you need to do or about where you can turn to for help, then just call me and discuss your situation totally free and confidentially. It’s the last call you need to make in order to find help with either your situation or the ability to take advantage of an opportunity to grow your business.


Why hire additional staff for one single problem or task? Often, you need help on a temporary basis to address an immediate or intermittent need or solve a problem. Once the crisis is over, the staff becomes unnecessary overhead.

Hiring me allows you to address the issue(s) without committing to a long-term employment relationship.

I also utilize either a consulting methodology or a coaching methodology (or both) when addressing my client’s needs. This makes the project or engagement more affordable and offers the ultimate flexibility for any operator of any size or concept to take full advantage of my experience and expertise in order to get help or to realize a particular opportunity.


You don’t always need to pay a premium to add costly experienced business managers to your permanent staff. Making myself available to your less seasoned players means that you can save money without putting your business at risk. You pay only for the expertise you need, when you need it. You also pay for the work alone–not the employment taxes, benefits, and other overhead costs associated with increasing headcount.

100% Effective Guarantee

The products and services offered by me have a high degree of real world value. In addition, the cost can be spread out over time if necessary (for ongoing clients) and everything I do, comes with my 100% Effective Guarantee!

Continued Follow-up & Support

I also don’t just cut and run after the smoke (and the check) clears either. I continue to follow up with you up to several months afterward, to monitor your progress and advise you on continuing to work your plan or change it if factors warrant.


Sometimes you just need a fresh point of view, from someone without a stake in preserving the status quo. I can provide that objective view of the issues and help find solutions you may have overlooked.

More About Me

My Career Overview

Four+ decades of chain, franchise and independent restaurant leadership resulting in one of the best performance track records in the industry.

Broad Restaurant Category Experience

Strategic brand leadership services provided to dozens of different categories of chain, franchise and independent brands from fine dining to fast casual.

Consistent Long Term Growth Performance

As the brand leader, delivered 18 consecutive years of positive same-store sales including a string of 200+ consecutive periods across 12 distinct brand engagements.

Driver of Growth & Value

Led market penetration strategies and build-outs with both new-store openings and re-branding.

Strategic Turn-Around Expert

Led diverse area teams through successful turn-around plans in 6 months, or less, for 5 different companies previously experiencing sales declines.

Blue Sky Concept Development

Led the development of multiple next generation concepts that breathe life back into legacy brands and also new blue-sky concepts.

Media & Public Speaking

I’ve written over 1,000 articles and given dozens of interviews and speeches, all which have been featured in numerous industry websites, magazines, newsletters, blogs and forums.

My Goal Is Simple: To provoke a deeper and more effective understanding within Hospitality leaders of the need to achieve positive, sustainable growth in themselves, their people and their business.

I constantly travel the country speaking on topics such as marketing, operations, staffing and any general or specific business issues related to the food service and hospitality industry or I can create a unique presentation just for your group or business.

My Point of Differentiation

I provide custom business solutions based on an assessment of your business. By providing a custom road map grounded in the Hospitality Fundamentals and supporting your unique business needs, I am able to create the impact necessary to deliver sustainable growth.

I combine a passionate hospitality perspective, deep expertise in marketing and operational strategy and decades of successful experience serving top hospitality businesses around the globe.

My Work By The Numbers

[stm_stats_counter stat_counter_style=”style_3″ counter_value=”936433″ alignment=”center” description=”Miles Traveled For Client-Partners (I Nap A Lot On Planes)”]
[stm_stats_counter stat_counter_style=”style_3″ counter_value=”158″ alignment=”center” description=”Multi-Unit Executives Hired|Trained|Coached”]
[stm_stats_counter stat_counter_style=”style_3″ counter_value=”2477″ alignment=”center” description=”Managers Hired|Trained|Coached”]
[stm_stats_counter stat_counter_style=”style_3″ counter_value=”16883″ alignment=”center” description=”Hourly Employees Hired|Trained|Coached”]
[stm_stats_counter stat_counter_style=”style_3″ counter_value=”41″ alignment=”center” description=”Years of Successful Experience”]
[stm_stats_counter stat_counter_style=”style_3″ counter_value=”18″ counter_value_suf=”%” alignment=”center” description=”Client-Partner Avg % of Sales|Profit Increase”]
[stm_stats_counter stat_counter_style=”style_3″ counter_value=”67″ counter_value_suf=”%” alignment=”center” description=”Client-Partner Avg % of Employee Turnover Decrease”]
[stm_stats_counter stat_counter_style=”style_3″ counter_value=”22″ counter_value_suf=”%” alignment=”center” description=”Client-Partner Avg % of Cost Decrease”]
[stm_stats_counter stat_counter_style=”style_3″ counter_value=”34″ alignment=”center” description=”# of New Business Openings”]
[stm_stats_counter stat_counter_style=”style_3″ counter_value=”138″ alignment=”center” description=”# of businesses I’ve worked with who do less than $1million in sales yearly.”]
[stm_stats_counter stat_counter_style=”style_3″ counter_value=”88″ alignment=”center” description=”# of businesses I’ve worked with who do more than $1million in sales yearly.”]
[stm_stats_counter stat_counter_style=”style_3″ counter_value=”46″ alignment=”center” description=”# of businesses I’ve worked with who do more than $5million in sales yearly.”]
[stm_stats_counter stat_counter_style=”style_3″ counter_value=”12″ alignment=”center” description=”# of businesses I’ve worked with who do more than $25million in sales yearly.”]
[stm_stats_counter stat_counter_style=”style_3″ counter_value=”4″ alignment=”center” description=”# of businesses I’ve worked with who do more than $50million in sales yearly.”]
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1. Join my BizWorx™ Coaching program and start growing your business the very day you start. I help business leaders rapidly grow their businesses with sustainability. If this fast growth interests you, call me at +1 817-797-2929 and talk to me about your opportunity at no charge.

2. Engage me in  a GrowthWorx™ Consulting Project and finally set your business on the road to rapid and sustainable growth.

3. Conduct an Onsite Review in order to create a blueprint for growing your business in the coming year.

4. Have me Facilitate A Strategy Session for your leadership team. Most of our clients now do this every 6 months and it has provided the needed focus and accountability necessary to achieve sustainable growth.

5. Have questions? Let’s Talk! Contact me to discuss your opportunity with no obligation to you for the first conversation.

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